Tuesday, August 16, 2011

90th Birthday Celebration!!!

How many 90th Birthday parties have you been to? We had the privilege to throw a birthday bash for not one, but two wonderful 90 year olds! This had to be something special and fit in a lot of their favorite things. They wanted something classic and fun...so we used black and white polka dots and damask with accents of a burgundy red. 

First things first...the invitation. 

I wanted to include a picture from around the time of their wedding, 70 years ago in January, and a recent picture. I found these premade invites that we were able to personalize with our colors and pictures. 

Here is our birthday boy and girl! Uluss & Helen are the most vibrant and active 90 year olds that I have ever met. What you can't see from this picture is that she wore a polka dot skirt to match the party. Don't they look cute!

 Each table had a polka dot or damask runner with these cute centerpieces and apothecary jars filled with black, white and red Sixlets...my favorite! Each centerpiece had a personalized topper with the happy couples names and a "90" background.

Here are some pics of all of the arrangements and personalized cupcake tapper and centerpiece toppers that we made for their special day!

 The couple's monogram has to be my personal favorite! But then, I love anything with a monogram!

On to the food! One of their favorite meals is BBQ with all the trimmings...so that is what we gave them! Thanks to River City Catering & Banquets for providing all of the wonderful pulled pork and chicken along with their WONDERFUL baked beans. If you live in the St Louis/St Charles MO area...you must go and check them out! If you just want a meal or a very small gathering check out Stumpys House of BBQ same food on a smaller scale. They are super friendly to work with and, like I said, the food is amazing! Check out this spread!

We had a rather large party...over 160 people and the great people over at River City helped us to get all that we need with a little extra for the family to take home. We decorated the buffet table with a black/white polka dot runner with burgundy bandannas to give it that "Arkansas" feel...which is where Uluss & Helen are originally from.

 When Helen was a younger girl, her favorite soda was Nu-Grape. I found it, along with some vintage Dr. Pepper's, to have at their big bash. With the help of Homer Soda Company 
we were able to get that special thing for them to share with all of their friends. I'll tell you 
what...if you are looking for a special gift or unique idea for a party go check them out! They have every soda I have every heard of, and a lot I had no clue about. Click HERE 
to check out their Facebook page...tell them that Bella Boo sent ya! 

When I got the bottles home...I got a very special surprise! Nu-Grape was established in 1921! Which is the year that Uluss & Helen were born! I couldn't have planned that one if I tried!

On to all the SWEETS TABLE!!! We decorated with damask and burgundy materials. I created the Happy Birthday banner with my trusty Cricut and used polka dot tissue pom-poms.

 My parties are just not complete without "Bella Boo Truffles" ...everyone loves them, so we have them at every event!
 Here is my cake...a little melted. It was well over 100 degrees that day, but it made it!!! I used some mini cookies from Christina at Cookies Are My Canvas  to accent the polka dot cake.
I am newer to the art of cake pops...these are german chocolate with coconut and pecans. They were so YUMMY! We ran out of cake pops before we could cut the cake!

 OK...I have to brag again about Cookies Are My Canvas ! Christina makes the most beautiful cookies that taste just as good as they look. She shipped us these cookies with such care...not one broken or even smudged. I had several people come up to me and say, "Are we supposed to eat these? They are to pretty to eat!" I told them if they didn't eat them, then I sure was going to! We just love Christina for her wonderful creations and, as my Grandma says, "She is from "God's country"(Arkansas) so she is good people!" Thanks Christina!

This is my Grandma, Helen Green...aka the birthday girl! I have to put a quick note about this most amazing woman. I would not know how to tie a bow, let alone plan and create parties without her. When I was very young she would teach me how to sew and crochet. As I got older she encouraged me to cook with her and make her special spritz cookies at Christmas along with many other family favorites. We would make crafts and paint and anything that I wanted to try, she was always there to encourage me. She is still trying out new recipes and in our daily phone conversations we talk about all of our ideas for upcoming parties and events. She is my biggest fan and cheerleader with all thinks crafty...and I am her biggest fan. She is the best mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend and Christian woman. She has devoted her life to her family and service to others. I am so lucky to still have this most amazing woman in my life and in the lives of my daughters. If you are lucky, like me, to have your grandmother still with you here on Earth...call her today. Tell her how special she is to you! Share your life with her...I guarantee you won't regret it! I Love You Gammaw!!!